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Straight from the Heart

People often ask me how Yoga can benefit their lives. I share with them how it has influenced my own well-being, 
but emphasize that it impacts each person in different ways. I am honored to share with you some of my
students' own personal experiences and comments. Please join me to experience a Bit of Bliss for yourself.

"Janet's Yoga classes have helped me improve my physical strength as well as my balance and flexibility. I feel stronger and healthier today than I have ever before!"


"What I like is that Janet's classes are more than just exercise and stretching. All the extras that she includes make such a difference!"

"I feel young again!"


"You have brought me calmness." 

"Thank you for the "Gift" of Yoga." 

"Thank you for enriching my life." 

"From the moment I enter her class, I feel relaxed."

"After I attend a Yoga class with Janet, I feel amazing! Her classes take me away from life for a bit. They are calming, cleansing and overall wonderful!"

"Classes are just the right balance. The most enjoyable & relaxing class I have ever taken!"

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