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Meditation Class

Bit of Bliss Yoga




Yoga offers a pathway to replenish your inner resources. Experience a balance of movement and stillness as you nurture your body, mind and soul. These gentle classes, take a holistic approach to stretch and strengthen the body gradually, empowering you both physically and mentally. Enhance your body's ability to move and experience the free flow of energy within. Poses are practiced at a slower pace, with modifications and variations of poses offered to meet the needs of those who are new to yoga as well as those who have the desire to go deeper. For beginners to experienced practitioners looking for a nourishing experience to restore vitality and find peace within.

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Beach Yoga 


Special FREE Offerings

Practicing yoga in nature has many benefits, especially at the beach. In addition to the beauty of the ocean and fresh salty air, the sand is gentler on your joints and provides a grounding energy. Practicing yoga at the end of your day on the beach adds an extra sweetness to your practice. The sound and rhythm of the waves are calming, allowing you to connect deeply within. A beach towel is all that you need!

Sunday, June 12th 7:00 at p.m.

Thursday, July 28th at 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, August 11th at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 27th at 6:30 p.m.



Class size is limited, so please be sure to "Reserve Your Spot". 

Participants will receive an email the morning of the class with the location of which one of our beautiful Mid-Cape beaches the class will be held at.  

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Active Senior Couple

Yoga for Healthy Joints Series

Got achy joints? Don’t let arthritis slow you down! If you want less pain and stiffness, more strength, flexibility, increased energy and a feeling of overall well-being, join us for this special 5 week program. Yoga promotes the circulation of fluids inside the joints, which helps to facilitate ease of motion, and it even helps you sleep better! Stretches & poses will be done seated and standing, with no need to get down on the floor. Move your body mindfully, you will be happier and healthier for it!


Finding Balance! Series

At any age, balance, agility, and coordination are vital for daily living. Join us for this 5 week special yoga program to improve your balance, agility and reduce your risk of falls and injury. Exercises & poses will be done seated and standing, with no need to get down on the floor. Build strength and improve your balance through the practice of yoga that will include exercises from an evidence-based fall prevention program.


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