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Track 1 Explore a Mountain meditation and sense the patient strength and stability within for mindful composure and

           compassionate clarity.


Track 2 Explore a Chakra meditation, where you will journey through your energy centers as you nourish your whole being.   


Track 3 Explore a Kosha meditation, where you will journey to bliss as you connect with the sheaths of your being. 


Track 4 Explore a Yoga Nidra meditation that allows you to experience the deepest possible states of relaxation physically, mentally,

           and emotionally. Relax, restore and renew…


Track 5 Explore a Loving Kindness meditation, which is a beautiful way to cultivate deeper compassion to all beings in your life. 

Track 6 Is an exploration of the beautiful Teacher Student Opening Mantra - Sahana Vavatu.  



Meditation Class
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